A Tour to Big Apple in the new Montana

As summer was coming to an end and Fall was round the corner, we thought it was perfect to take a ride in our friend's new Pontiac Montana to the Big Apple Factory in Cobourg, ON.

Cause this place has everything that kids can enjoy, starting from food to amusement park to a small zoo. It was right for us to make this trip before the road of Ontario are covered with a blanket of snow.

The Big Apple in Colborne, ON is a pie bakery and restaurant and can be spotted from the main highway 401.

Colborne is the home of the "Big Apple," With a height of 10.7 metres and diameter of 11.6 metres, the Big Apple is billed as the largest apple in the world. There is an observation deck on top of the apple, a restaurant and other amenities on the premises.

Colborne is a lovely village of about 2,000 people located east of Cobourg in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. It’s the starting point of the Apple Route Drive with rolling hills and an inviting shoreline along Lake Ontario. This beautiful village is situated approximately one hour east from Toronto, Ontario and is surrounded by several other cities, all of which are about a half hour in distance away. You will never be bored in this area. There is always somewhere to visit or something to do.

This small yet special village is known for its Big Apple Theme Park which attracts about 500,000 tourists each year. It stands 35 feet high by 38 feet in diameter and weighs 42 tons. At the top, is a breathtaking wonderland viewing area. The Big Apple can hold 653,800 real apples. The park also has a petting zoo, a creek and a mini golf.

Josh & Joel having a small chat with the animals,

The village of Colborne has The Apple Time Festival celebration during the last weekend in May every year. At this time rolling hills of apple trees in the village itself and surrounding acres in the countryside, are all in bloom. An old-fashion band can be heard playing its melodies in the Victoria Square Park, in the centre of the village. The Queen’s Hotel plays its wonderful jigs and the aroma of fresh baked pies and desserts fills the air from the tiny bakery only a few doors away. The festival includes an antique tractor show, an antique car show, a street fair and a variety of children’s games. There is a Trash and Treasures event that is billed as “the world’s largest yard sale” on every street in the village that attracts bargain hunters and collectors from everywhere.

The Colborne Art Gallery located also on the main road hosts different works and exhibitions by local talented gallery artists.

Because Colborne is situated by Lake Ontario, the winters are very mild. The spring season starts much earlier and the summers last longer than other areas in Ontario. Spring brings average temperatures between 36 degrees and 50 degrees and typical monthly precipitation of about 2.5 inches. When you think of Canada, you think of the word cold, but this area has the warmest springs and summers in Canada, making it a great place to vacation or live.

A great price when you consider that Colborne is situated only about one hour from the city of Toronto. Now that’s value for your money!

(Source from: Wiki and Escape)

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